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Start Planning for New Year Ad For More Sales

New Planning for New Year Ad

Today is Wednesday and I have planned to give all the readers more interesting and creative tip for today.

I am really very thankful to all the readers who have taken out their precious time to read and promote my blog.

Actually I have started this blog few weeks back only and I am getting love and appreciation from all the readers from all over the world.

Today is a new day and I have something new with me which will help all the old and new readers.

Basically ads are meant for the business publicity and they are open source. Now is it possible for each and every person to be so creative to form ad. It could be best expressed in a very easy way. If you have 10 seconds and twenty five words to show your creativity. Can you convince a customer to click on your ad and buy your product?

Frankly speaking you have only this much time present with you when you are trying to make a new customer while loose another. How to change this scenario? I t is very simple. You just need new creativity and implement some psychological factors in your advertisement techniques.

You must have heard and read “But wait--- there’s more!! “ Does this make you go through the entire commercial ad as the announcer tactics and prompts you to click.

Mostly people go through the ad and click it to read the entire article of promotion, the fact is that they wait and read the entire article to know what the special offer is, because the announcer wants the customers to wait till end. It is not to say, all your ads should contain highly catching phrases, but these are the true methods of hooking customers with just few tangible words.

There are various successful words and phrases, the words or phrases which play with the customers or people emotion will be most successful. It sounds very odd and manipulative but it’s a most appropriate method of reaching new and unique consumers. This sounds very odd and tricky but each of us always wants to hear and read about our appreciation, look fantastic and feel great.

Whenever anyone of us play using this trick or technique, keeping positive mindset regarding the outcome from your ad and product and not the negative thinking which your reader may be suffering from. So, always be in positive thinking, positive tone will help you and your customers while negative tone should be avoided.

For example, you would inspire your customers to feel good and look fantastic through your product and would like to avoid on focusing on there current state.

There are so many words present which can be utilized to make your ad to be eye cracking material for the viewers. These words can be found by just performing a little search on internet. An example of a word ”Free” is pretty sure to pull the visitors eye and make them read your ad. By using the word Free will increase your clicking ratio. So, it is one of the words which could be used in your ad for your product promotion in which you can give a free gift to all the viewers.

The best formula you can use for a great headline or ad copy is:
  1. Keeping your ad short, simple and to the point.
  2. Appealing to human nature.
  3. Mentioning positive results.

If you keep these three things in mind while writing your ad, you can ensure that your ad will get read, that your link will be clicked on and that your prospective new customer will find what they are looking for on your site.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to Create a Website

A simple Video to Explain How to do and implement things.

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Come and Explore How to Create Website

Come and Explore How to Create Website
Very warm welcome! To all the visitors who are now going to get the answer for there basic questions regarding, how to develop website and how to begin for it.
This is the best place you have come to explore. There is lot of information for all the beginners in this blog. I have created this quick source just to give you an overview on what is involved in creating a website. Let’s begin to learn what are the basics involved with building a website.
Your Basic Needs for Building a Website
  • Domain Name

This is a name for identifying a computer or computers on internet. It is a component of Website’s URL (Uniform Resource Locator). So, is an example of domain name.

It is the name given by the Domain name registrar after the process of registration is done by the client. It is also called as registered domain name and web addresses.

These Domains are also attached with its extensions. Domain name extensions are of different types:

The Top 3: These are the basic domain widely used by the customers worldwide and are one of the top domains till date


Country-Level Top Domain: Every country have there own matching top level domain names, some examples are

.in (India) (India)
.fr (France) (United Kingdom)
And there are many more domain also like
Free Websites
There are various sources on internet which provide with an option to host your website for free. But these types of resources should not be considered healthy, reason for it is that they are unstable in nature and you never own your website and you never receive true domain name. The main domain will be of third party and it will look like In some cases, it can even be longer than the example shown above.
  • Web Host

Web hosting is a service which allows the individuals and organizations to provide there own websites accessible over www (World Wide Web). Web hosts are the companies which provide the space on servers which they own for the use by their clients and provide internet connectivity. Web hosting is paid service usually monthly or yearly.

Website requires space on server to be used by the individuals. No website can exist without web hosts.

  • Building Website

In this part we are going to explore various tools and editors present for building a website. There are many software and tools available for building a website in easy and efficient way. It’s important for you to find out about them before you use them.

Macromedia Dreamweaver, CoffeeCup HTML Editor, Front Page, Aedix, UPOhtml, Alleycode HTML Editor, Aptana, Arachnophilia, BBEdit, Bluefish, CSE HTML Validator, EditPlus, Evrsoft 1st Page, HTML-Kit, Adobe HomeSite, NoteTab, PSPad, Quanta Plus, SAPIEN PrimalScript, SCREEM, Siteaid, skEdit, Taco HTML Edit, TextMate, TopStyle, Notepad++, Weaverslave are some of the web editing software present and used by the people for creating and maintaining sites.

I used Macromedia Dreamweaver for creating my website

If you are not using any of the software then you have begin from the scratch and have to learn how to code HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). All you have to do is open Text editor (Notepad) for example and then write the HTML code which will create your page. It is pretty easy to learn and use.

Then you have to save the file you are working on with the filename.html and then upload it to the server (Web Host).

If you are finding it difficult to code in HTML, then I would strongly recommend you to get it done by any website design company or any software program which I’ve talked about above to edit and create your website. These companies are working day and night for its customers. There are so many web designing companies and you have to find one of the best from them to serve.

There are many websites will provide free website templates (awesome premade sites) ready to use.

  • Products

In your site you are showing information about company, its products, its expertise, its services, its vision & goals, patrons and feedback etc.

The main part is of products of the company. The importance of products is due to the out result of company. Every company wants to sell its product, uses various forms and methods. Website is also one form of online presence of the company for selling products online.

For selling its product online you have to take orders online from your website? The best way is to sign up with They are the merchants; they accept credit cards for you and take a small percentage for the order. It is very convenient and easy to setup.

All you have to do is specify the price for each and every item or product you are selling and paypal will provide you some HTML code which you have to paste it in your website and it will automatically create the payment button and its interface for you.

Paypal uses secure methods and handles all the transactions which are done through credit cards. It’s very easy to transfer the funds from your paypal account to any other account electronically.

  • Other Features

There are various other features which you can implement in your website like gaming, gambling, chat and guestbook where visitors can play game, chat and leave message for you on your site.

It is very hard for you to think of these features, but as internet have matured, it’s getting easier and easier for you to use and implement these features on your site.

For getting any kind of interactive feature on a website requires some kind of script. Script contains a bunch of code that tells the browser how to behave.

You can get these scripts depending what you want on your website. Script can be found on internet for that you have to go to your favorite search site (Google) and search for the appropriate script. Some scripts are free and some are paid as well.

It is important for you to check that your web host supports the kind of script and functionality you want to implement.

So, this was the full explanation on how to create your website.

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