Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Microsoft’s $44.6 Billon Offer to Yahoo: Rejected

Microsoft’s $44.6 Billon Offer to Yahoo: Rejected

Yes the updating news which is flying in the world is that Yahoo has rejected the offer made by Microsoft to acquire Yahoo. The official updated news is Yahoo rejected the offer of Microsoft saying the offer is too low.

The mystery is now revealed about the Yahoo’s plan and can be said as a new step by the jerry (A small mouse) in the defensive step on the attack by tom’s (A Kitten) jumps over jerry.

This would certainly raise the war of words between the Yahoo and Microsoft and has actually begun where Microsoft has described the Yahoo’s response as “Unfortunate” and said the proposal was fair enough.

So, the dream about combination of Microsoft-Yahoo! to create a more effective company that would provide greater value and services is on hold now after the news.
The official statement from the Microsoft says

"It is unfortunate that Yahoo! has not embraced our full and fair proposal to combine our companies. Based on conversations with stakeholders of both companies, we are confident that moving forward promptly to consummate a transaction is in the best interests of all parties.

We are offering shareholders superior value and the opportunity to participate in the upside of the combined company. The combination also offers an increasingly exciting set of solutions for consumers, publishers and advertisers while becoming better positioned to compete in the online services market.

A Microsoft-Yahoo! combination will create a more effective company that would provide greater value and service to our customers. Furthermore, the combination will create a more competitive marketplace by establishing a compelling number two competitor for Internet search and online advertising.

The Yahoo! response does not change our belief in the strategic and financial merits of our proposal. As we have said previously, Microsoft reserves the right to pursue all necessary steps to ensure that Yahoo’s shareholders are provided with the opportunity to realize the value inherent in our proposal."

This seems very impressive from the point of view of Microsoft as they are likely to do all the formats to acquire Yahoo and lot more things will be happening in the coming days.

Now the next step by Microsoft will be directed straight to shareholders with the bid. So, what are your comments as all the things are open and the next step is almost known?

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SEOContest2008 Day 6

SEOContest2008 Day 6

Day Six (6th February 2008) Of Seocontest2008

Today is the sixth day of Uk Webmaster Forums contest “seocontest2008” which is doing good as so many up and down in results is been monitored through Google.com. It seems to interest me as I wrote my post on 4th February 2008 and registered for the seocontest2008. Google found my page on 5th and was on the 67th position with 3400 records shown by Google.com.

I am happy to monitor the results because as I am a newbie it will help me a lot in a long run. Right now I see these results when making a quick search in Google: 1 - 10 of about 10,600 for seocontest2008. I am still trying my best to get at the first page but I haven’t achieved it as my current position at the time of posting is still 39th position with the title:

Creativ Tips by Amit: SEOContest2008

but still I am happy to compete with so many experienced optimizers.
Seocontest2008 will definitely help me a lot in updating, applying my experience and learning explored by me as presently i am listed over there as amitcreativeras.blogspot.com/2008/02/seocontest2008.html. As this is my first competition I am very enthusiastic for it and keeping my eye on the regular updates by Google on the seocontest2008.

Will I be there at top tens is my question as this competition is growing and will reach its extreme in the coming days.

Some links from UKWW Webmaster forums are below which are currently hot topics & worth a read:

So wish me all the best.

Monday, February 4, 2008


SEOContest2008 on the Floors

So, the year has begin with the seocontest2008 which is a part of UK webmaster forum seo contest and open for all the participants. It’s beginning date is from 1st February 2008 and ends on 1st of April at 1pm (UK time).

The award for the winning seo for the seocontest2008 is $1,000 and each 3 runner-up will get $100. The result will be declared through Google.com on the key phrase search term seocontest2008 and which ever ranks number 1 will be the winner. I know that it’s too late for me to participate in seocontest2008 but I will definitely participate never mind going late.

As everyone knows the story of “Rabbit and Turtle” likewise I will try my best. This will be my first try in any SEOcontest as I am new in the field of seo. Right now I see these results when making a quick search in Google: 1 - 10 of about 3,040 for seocontest2008 presently and lets see how it’ll be shaping as the contest goes on.

Register For SEOCONTEST2008

The registration process for the contest is not very tough any one can register with the contest by simply placing this html code into your page:

<a href="http://forums.ukwebmasterworld.com/" target="_blank" user="your name">UK webmaster forum seo contest</a>

Rules for seocontest2008

  • You may use a domain, folder, or sub domain as your optimized page with one criterion. The page must be brand new, no back links no cached version.
  • Every optimization techniques are allowed except cloaking, and hiding text. We will periodically compare the optimized pages with their cached version in order to discover the cloackers, hence we kindly ask you to avoid using any kind of no archive meta tag.

I have registered and all for the best to all the members participating including me in this seocontest2008.

This post: seocontest2008

SEOContest2008 Partners:

1) http://www.rjlenterprisesseo.com/2008/02/01/seocontest2008/ - seocontest2008
2) http://www.squidoo.com/ukwwseocontest/ - SEOcontest2008 Coverage
3) http://2008-seocontest.blogspot.com/ - seocontest2008
4) http://seocontest2008-newbie.blogspot.com/ - seocontest2008
5) http://seocontest2008.vincentlecluse.com/ - seocontest2008
6) http://firetown.com/ - Firetown in SEOcontest2008
7) Blogger To Blogger Competition
8) SEOcontest2008 MES Indonesia
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10) Register Cheap Domains .com only $6.95 and .info $1.99
11) seocontest2008

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Steps For Optimizing Content

Important Tips on Content for Better Search Engine Optimization & Online Visibility

Writing & Analysing Content as Content Is King

Content and Search Engines go hand to hand on a prospect for giving the accurate information to the online seeker and searcher, after all useful content on a demanding search query will not only enhance your online presence but may attract many of the online searchers to deal with the company.

Analysis For Writing Content For Search Engine Optimization

The analysis of the content before publishing is like accumulating all the necessary items before cooking something delicious. As the things are mismanaged or any item is missing it will result in a tasteless food and unsatisfied consumer.

Here the food is content and consumer an online seeker, if online seekers found the content not useful enough for search query they will quit from the website and hence chance to do business is gone.

Now I will ask a question from all the readers:

Think of something special or any area of interest for which you need more information, it may be any sport, hobby or anything and now imagine searching regarding that particular topic which you choose.

The search engine will return many results matching to your criteria for the query, suppose the first website is related to the topic but the information provided is of no use or value. It is based on the points which are general, useless and raw or mismanaged.

The second website is also related to the topic and provides the in-depth information with certain points which are new and refreshing and make more points by linking out to the sites related to the topic and resources available with them.

Now you have to give point to these websites, which one would be your choice? It would be second one for sure, am I right?

Mostly, every one will surely pick up the second in comparison with first. The reason behind this is the author had the in-depth knowledge about the topic and had transformed it in content.

Benefits of the Informative and Relative Content

Web Content provides the value to the site, readers and the customers. The content provides value not only to the site but also the business and the owner.

The benefits of the content are:

  • It provides value to the online seeker, searcher, and reader.

  • It holds the online seeker, searcher, and reader on the website for longer time.

  • It helps you to rank higher in search engines.

  • It helps others to recommend your website.

  • It encourages getting automatic back links for your site.

  • It enhances your online visibility with faith.

All the points mentioned above are great, but, how to manage to create this type of content? That’s the point to work on.

Let’s begin with the steps and guidelines involved for creating the website content.

Steps for Creating Value Content

  • Choose the topic.

  • Choose the accurate person to write the content.

  • Avoid spellings and grammatical mistakes.

  • Content should cover all the points.

  • It should not boar the reader.

  • Include pictures and graphics will enhance credibility

Let’s study the steps discussed above.

Choose the Topic

Topic is the main criteria from which the working should begin. No one can describe or create any thing without knowing the topic. So, the main pillar is the topic which can be any business related product or new idea for the bloggers. Don’t tell the people what you want to tell instead tell them what they want to know from you. This is the accurate and right way to move ahead as telling about what products you offer is outdated instead, find out what people want to know about the types of products offered, and utilize web content to address the questions or concerns.

Accurate Person

The second aspect comes after choosing the topic, mainly topic is the beginning and the person who will write the content is second most important aspect. Every one can write as we all speak but when it comes to the content writing the emphasis should be given on who should write the content.

There are many content management companies, freelance writers who do this type of work for the companies as they have experience and have studied the mind of the online seekers and searchers. They can be the ones do to the work for you.

There are many examples I have personally experienced where the programmers are writing content to some extent for the website in the form of validations and when catching the errors, the language used by them is technical which an ordinary customer cannot understand. This is an example of choosing the wrong person for writing part of the content.

Let’s take one more example, say a manufacturing company A asks the production employees to manage sales and directly interact with the customers. What would be the result?

The sales would be comparatively very less? The reason behind it is that the sales people have the skills and knowledge about how to deal with customers accordingly, which is missing with the production employees. The key behind this is. The best person for this purpose should not always be the person who is technical or have the full knowledge on any product but it can be anyone who communicates about the product from one end to other.

Avoid Mistakes

Spelling and Grammar is also very important aspect of the content. The readers give value to the unique content with no spelling and grammatical mistakes. Due importance and care should be taken while preparing the content as online searcher, seekers and readers quits from a page having grammatical and spelling mistakes. Try to use the tools to check the spellings and grammar for your content before making it live. Revise the article two to three times and check for the readability and mistakes before uploading it.

Cover All the Points

The article or content written should be different and unique as search engines give importance to these articles and content. Readers link back to these types of articles and content for its uniqueness and these links enhance your visibility and search engine ranking as well. The worth of any content is with its description and it should cover all the angles and major points relating to the topic. This is done to make sure and give reader the information required and that too at one single platform.

Some readers are from same cadre and know about the topic, but not all readers know each and every aspect of topic so full information will give you points. The linking to the related articles and topics will give the reader more information and again help for online visibility.

Interesting for Readers

The readers are your customer who will certainly help in maximizing profits and enhance your search engine traffic. This will definitely help you do your business more efficiently.

Pictures & Graphics

Pictures and Graphics are one of the factors to provide pictorial form of the content which explain the readers in terms of images. Content should contain pictures and graphics related to the topic which enhance and attracts readers from the pictures and graphics.

After all this work is done to gain customers

“It is not enough to give the customer excellent service. You must subtly make him aware of the great service he is getting.”

Accordingly each one of us should follow the quote and see the changes.

The points covered above are very useful in every aspect so any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated. Just apply these tips and watch your success.

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