Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google Page Rank Update For April 2008


Google Page Rank toolbar showing updates for the websites on 30th April 2008.Google is now updating the page rank regularly. Page rank is useless for all the webmasters and the senior search engine optimizers.

My websites have got PR6, PR4, PR3 and many new sites PR2, though as i said PR(Page Rank)is loosing it's importance which it used to have with the webmasters, likewise, i am not too happy with this PR update. But, still hope for the best for my working criteria and optimization process.

My new site Kanpur Yellow Page got the PR in this update. Some new directories also achieved + PR this simply means that in this update various trusted directories also gained the PR.

Lets hope for the best for the next update whenever it happen for everyone. Some tips on increasing your page rank, i will suggest you to do link building for your site. Link building through

  • Manual Submission (Trusted Directories)

  • Article Submission

  • Getting Blogged For Your Site

  • Social Bookmarking

  • Killer Content

Content plays a major role in SERP purpose and also in PR as if the content is very original and killer you can get many natural links without doing any work by various bloggers if they love your work. Don't forget to stay away from link farms as these can be dangerous for your site.

All these play a major role in SERP's and PR you have to be more on the SERP side rather than only stressing on PR as it will not bring you real Traffic which is the original theme of every site.

My personal interpretation about page rank it don't have any thing to do with the SERP's, but, many of us still chase it. The only benefit which I see with PR, it can get couple of bucks to you by selling links on your website.

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