Monday, January 21, 2008

Wikia Search Project Is Online

Wikia Search Project Is Online What Are Your Comments

Wikia Search

This New Year the waiting has come to an end and that too in the beginning of this new year there is a great news by Wikipedia, the company launched there Open Source Search Engine on 7th of January 2008. This Search project news was from so many months but at last 7th was the day for its launching.

So, one more Search engine is ready to compete in the market and that to with a different algorithm. The Wikia is an human ranked search engine which is a mini-Wiki with its social network. The Wikia search engine will work on the basic techniques which will include search application, search algorithm and web crawler. Basically the the websites will be indexed, but, afterwards it will be the ranking factor which will control the fluctuations of top rankings. This is a new feature where the online searchers will rank a particular site which is indexed from top to down. This rating feature will decide the placement of a particular site order. All Search Engine Optimizer are having a close eye on the Wikia Search Algorithm. Wikia users or any searcher can write mini-articles relating any topic, edit add there comments over there.

Alpha Wikia Search

One more interesting fact about Wikia search is that whenever the search is made it will automatically retrieves the users of relating that topic this will also make users to interact people of same interests and skills.

The Wikia Search has been launched but still it’s in a testing face. The ranking algorithm is very different from Google and Yahoo. The officials are ready to take it off to a sky high. Let’s see what will be the result of it after its trial face is over.

Wiki Window

Wikia Search also includes Social Network. User can login and it also has the basic elements as profile, photo, friends and personal information like activities, interests and skills. Let’s hope for the best as according to me Wikia has a long way to go to get there.

Let us begin over there you can add me as a friend if you like.

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Self Search Engine Optimization Easy Steps

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Optimisation is a skilled technique widely used in Internet marketing for improving and promoting any website higher in search engine ranking (SERP's) across various search engines with the specific sets of related keywords of website content.

Search engine optimization is more than just a trend nowadays. It is used and applied by almost all sites on the internet that aim to make money and reach online popularity.

There are basic two-three choices for the owner of website to consider when trying get site ranked higher in search engines. You can hire a Freelance Optimizer or Search Engine Optimization Company that is an expert in the field or if you have some time, you can do it yourself. It only requires some basic Keywords research, Title and Description Tag,Website Content and Link Building.

Keywords Research

The main importance is for researching and selecting the best keywords for industry related words and the keywords you believe your potential customers or online seekers will use to find you. Selecting the right and updated keywords requires a research work.

Look at your company's products and printed materials. What words do you use over there on those printed materials? When you speak to new and current customers, what questions do they frequently ask and what words do they use? Just make a list of those questions as this will assist you in the research work. Then go to the major search engines and directories. Type in the keywords you want to use. Study the source code of the web sites that appeared in the top 20. Look at how your competitors ranked in a search query. Adjust and alter your keywords accordingly.

Keyword is very important in aspects of optimization as this or these are the words through which online seekers search for products or services. Though a keyword may be only one word or it may be a phrase of word with keywords within. Long phrases are more specific and cover multiple keywords, which will more than likely be what online customers use when searching for products or services online.

Write down all that what you have researched yourself and what your customers have provided. Make sure to consider and include geographical phrases also as they are important to your local customers.

The next step after the keyword research is the content of the website.

Website Content

Website Content also plays an important role in search engine optimization as search engines spiders only reads the content of the website. Since, content is what the search engines reads therefore, content should be descriptive with the keywords, proper spellings and grammar. The web pages actually at the top of Search Engines have only one thing clearly in common: good writing. There is a phrase for search engines and it is “Content is King”. Search engines love unique content and keywords should be placed in-between the content for giving the search engines what they require and for optimization of website as well.

Link Building

Link building is to have links from the website of your niche to your website. Every link with some popular website casts a vote to your website. Every quality link you receive can improve your search rankings.

The quality of inbound links is more essential than the quantity. The preferred and more valuable link is from sites that are relevant to your niche. To build up the links you can submit to the directories. Search for relevant websites of your niche and then send them an email introducing yourself and your company and tell them how your website could benefit their visitors and politely request the website owners to place your website link. This will give your site more and more votes also increasing the Search Engine Ranking.

Doing all these things described above will definitely give more presence of your website on the internet through search engines, automatically increasing the ranking. But, all this process is somewhat complex, time consuming and requires a lot of research work for the optimizers.

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Informative Content to Be Placed In Websites (Content Is King)

Discover the Blunder that you will make while getting your new website developed

To understand this, you need to understand "What is a Result Oriented Website?"

A website which helps you to achieve your goals on World Wide Web is said to be result oriented website. A website which give better returns as compared with investments in terms of money, popularization and each and every part of the niche of the website. Everyone wants to attain this type of result but some hit the point and some miss it. One can achieve results only if, "Full Knowledge and command on the niche of your website and know want to achieve from it?”

A huge lot of Small Business Entrepreneurs who have their website don't acknowledge this blunder. The general tend of these entrepreneurs is that they just see what their competitors are offering and want the same criteria on their website, regardless of attempting to make something new or different. The end result for this type of situation is very bad in the terms of business and money.

The main idea and conclusion arrived from the above lines is “More emphasis is given on design, duplication of theme with the competitors”. Which is not the basic idea to implement for any online business? I personally have met lot of small and large business owners and they say ... "I want really a well designed and professional website. I want my web site to look different". They spend hours explaining how they want their website to look like. They give priority to web design for there site which is not bad but content of the site is not given that importance, which is the main part for any website.

Ignoring the "CONTENT" part of the website they just ignore the purpose of their website. After all content is the main information regarding the main business of the company or any other information which an online seeker is searching for and if this is not properly managed then design will not give you any points.

By fulfilling and providing the basic needs for the online seekers you can get competitive edge. This way you will gain advantage over your competitors. All this is possible by the unique or different content, how the content is managed and provided on website. One can achieve more business means more profit. Implementing the overall goal set by developing the website for the business growth.

The main goal for any website as well as the Website Design Company is to give information about business and attract more customers from the web for the business growth and to generate more profits. Its purpose is to help you in marketing your product/service, generating more sales leads and increasing the sales conversion rate.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Titles & Description For Search Engine Optimization

Compelling Site Titles and Descriptions for Better Results

Search Engine Optimizers work day and night for client to get higher ranking for the site for any particular set of keywords. Content of the website plays a vital role to achieve it, as the keywords are stuffed in content of the page as well as in the Meta Title and Description tag of the source of the page.

Titles and description is the most appropriate place to describe about the services and products of the company. As the search engine places the site and provides the description and title to the online searchers. These places are not important for the ranking purpose in the search engines or for the search engine algorithm, but are most important for the ability to attract and compel the online searcher to click and visit your Website. After all, this is only the ultimate aim and goal of each and every website owner and search engine optimization.

This can be described best with an example suppose any website say A is ranking top for any Keyword in search engine but the title and description is not giving out the basic idea or relevant information. Then there is not a point in attaining a top ranking in search engines if you are not able to attract the visitors to your site.

Relevancy with Search Engines

As described about the title and description, now just look into the relevancy of both of them as compared with the search engines. The title tag is of more relevance as compared with the description META tag as major search engines use the title of the site exactly as it appears on the page. Comparing with description were several search engine like yahoo hold the right to alter or change the description as per there authority.

Longer Titles V/s Short Titles

Long titles are more likely to attract and compel the searchers as compared with the Short titles. The basic reason for this act is the searchers get the certain number of words which carry the capability of compelling anyone to take an action. Short titles carry insufficient number of words to compel the searchers to take action.

Generally people go through or scan the headlines of newspapers or magazines, regardless of reading the full news or article. This tendency is very common in each and every person, and that too when there are so many options available to the online searcher the first thing before the design and content of the web site

People don’t read each and every letter after about the time they turn 12 years old; they recognize words. People tend to recognize the words by the shapes defined by the top of the letters. For example you can also try it yourself, take few sentences from any book or newspaper and now cover the bottom half of the words. So, now you believed in what I mean to say; now do the same thing again but cover the top half of the words you will find that words are harder to read because there is not much difference in the shape or line of the bottom of the words. But how it will help in title and description??

The answer: Since people recognize words because the tops of words vary in height and appearance, then sentences that start with just one capital letter and then lowercase letters are easier to recognize and get read faster.

Words in all caps are hard to read. People don't like to read them and don't read them as easily. Recognizing the words in the sentences is tedious, and these listings are frequently overlooked.

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