Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Self Search Engine Optimization Easy Steps

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Search Engine Optimisation is a skilled technique widely used in Internet marketing for improving and promoting any website higher in search engine ranking (SERP's) across various search engines with the specific sets of related keywords of website content.

Search engine optimization is more than just a trend nowadays. It is used and applied by almost all sites on the internet that aim to make money and reach online popularity.

There are basic two-three choices for the owner of website to consider when trying get site ranked higher in search engines. You can hire a Freelance Optimizer or Search Engine Optimization Company that is an expert in the field or if you have some time, you can do it yourself. It only requires some basic Keywords research, Title and Description Tag,Website Content and Link Building.

Keywords Research

The main importance is for researching and selecting the best keywords for industry related words and the keywords you believe your potential customers or online seekers will use to find you. Selecting the right and updated keywords requires a research work.

Look at your company's products and printed materials. What words do you use over there on those printed materials? When you speak to new and current customers, what questions do they frequently ask and what words do they use? Just make a list of those questions as this will assist you in the research work. Then go to the major search engines and directories. Type in the keywords you want to use. Study the source code of the web sites that appeared in the top 20. Look at how your competitors ranked in a search query. Adjust and alter your keywords accordingly.

Keyword is very important in aspects of optimization as this or these are the words through which online seekers search for products or services. Though a keyword may be only one word or it may be a phrase of word with keywords within. Long phrases are more specific and cover multiple keywords, which will more than likely be what online customers use when searching for products or services online.

Write down all that what you have researched yourself and what your customers have provided. Make sure to consider and include geographical phrases also as they are important to your local customers.

The next step after the keyword research is the content of the website.

Website Content

Website Content also plays an important role in search engine optimization as search engines spiders only reads the content of the website. Since, content is what the search engines reads therefore, content should be descriptive with the keywords, proper spellings and grammar. The web pages actually at the top of Search Engines have only one thing clearly in common: good writing. There is a phrase for search engines and it is “Content is King”. Search engines love unique content and keywords should be placed in-between the content for giving the search engines what they require and for optimization of website as well.

Link Building

Link building is to have links from the website of your niche to your website. Every link with some popular website casts a vote to your website. Every quality link you receive can improve your search rankings.

The quality of inbound links is more essential than the quantity. The preferred and more valuable link is from sites that are relevant to your niche. To build up the links you can submit to the directories. Search for relevant websites of your niche and then send them an email introducing yourself and your company and tell them how your website could benefit their visitors and politely request the website owners to place your website link. This will give your site more and more votes also increasing the Search Engine Ranking.

Doing all these things described above will definitely give more presence of your website on the internet through search engines, automatically increasing the ranking. But, all this process is somewhat complex, time consuming and requires a lot of research work for the optimizers.

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