Monday, February 4, 2008


SEOContest2008 on the Floors

So, the year has begin with the seocontest2008 which is a part of UK webmaster forum seo contest and open for all the participants. It’s beginning date is from 1st February 2008 and ends on 1st of April at 1pm (UK time).

The award for the winning seo for the seocontest2008 is $1,000 and each 3 runner-up will get $100. The result will be declared through on the key phrase search term seocontest2008 and which ever ranks number 1 will be the winner. I know that it’s too late for me to participate in seocontest2008 but I will definitely participate never mind going late.

As everyone knows the story of “Rabbit and Turtle” likewise I will try my best. This will be my first try in any SEOcontest as I am new in the field of seo. Right now I see these results when making a quick search in Google: 1 - 10 of about 3,040 for seocontest2008 presently and lets see how it’ll be shaping as the contest goes on.

Register For SEOCONTEST2008

The registration process for the contest is not very tough any one can register with the contest by simply placing this html code into your page:

<a href="" target="_blank" user="your name">UK webmaster forum seo contest</a>

Rules for seocontest2008

  • You may use a domain, folder, or sub domain as your optimized page with one criterion. The page must be brand new, no back links no cached version.
  • Every optimization techniques are allowed except cloaking, and hiding text. We will periodically compare the optimized pages with their cached version in order to discover the cloackers, hence we kindly ask you to avoid using any kind of no archive meta tag.

I have registered and all for the best to all the members participating including me in this seocontest2008.

This post: seocontest2008

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Ankur said...

You are an SEO buff, you'll do good, Good luck :)

Silent Snob said...

I have done what you wanted me too ;)

Good luck with the contest,

Amit said...

Thanks bhaanu and ishaan for your Good wishes on my participations.

Hope to do good with the seocompetition2008

Thanks ;)

Silent Snob said...

Hi amit,
sorry your link got removed from the blog, as you may have noticed, i updated my template and accidentally deleted most if not all page elements.

thanks for reminding me.


PS. check out my new post on how Fanta was made for the Nazi's.

busby seo challenge said...

I wish good luck to all seocontest2008 competitors

Anonymous said...

Watch how a seocontest pro does it.

I will land on the #1 spot just days before the end

Anonymous said...

All the best, Amit!

You have been consistently ranking high for the selected keyword!

Good work!
Abhishek Arora

wullon said...

Nice blogspot entry :).

Anonymous said...

Who will Set the Keywords?
Is there any criteria for keywords used to optimize in this seo2008contest?
please reply soon as i want to participate in this contest and want to be no 1.

Amit said...

The Keyword is SEOContest2008

and all the white hat optimization techniques can be applied but you have to register with the ukwebmaster forum.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the contest
Good work .

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the contest
Good work!