Wednesday, February 6, 2008

SEOContest2008 Day 6

SEOContest2008 Day 6

Day Six (6th February 2008) Of Seocontest2008

Today is the sixth day of Uk Webmaster Forums contest “seocontest2008” which is doing good as so many up and down in results is been monitored through It seems to interest me as I wrote my post on 4th February 2008 and registered for the seocontest2008. Google found my page on 5th and was on the 67th position with 3400 records shown by

I am happy to monitor the results because as I am a newbie it will help me a lot in a long run. Right now I see these results when making a quick search in Google: 1 - 10 of about 10,600 for seocontest2008. I am still trying my best to get at the first page but I haven’t achieved it as my current position at the time of posting is still 39th position with the title:

Creativ Tips by Amit: SEOContest2008

but still I am happy to compete with so many experienced optimizers.
Seocontest2008 will definitely help me a lot in updating, applying my experience and learning explored by me as presently i am listed over there as As this is my first competition I am very enthusiastic for it and keeping my eye on the regular updates by Google on the seocontest2008.

Will I be there at top tens is my question as this competition is growing and will reach its extreme in the coming days.

Some links from UKWW Webmaster forums are below which are currently hot topics & worth a read:

So wish me all the best.

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