Thursday, November 22, 2007

Good News For Net Surfers

Good News
Ques: What is data transfer?

Ans: Data transfer is the transmission or conveyance of information from one place to another. Prior to this there were several modes which did this job and they were couriers, phones etc. In this era the mode have become more and more powerful and advance due to the up gradation of science and technology. Now it has become more advanced on our finger click.

In computer terms this process is done by the bits and bytes which act as basics in all computer related queries. With computers data transfer take place in the form of bits and bytes involving various technologies like optical fiber, copper wire etc.

An example of data transfer is Website which takes its data from the web server which is located some where else from the place where this website is requested.

There are two types of data transmission Serial Transmission and Parallel Transmission.
Some years back there was very known problem with the Internet and that to with data transfer speed. It was sue to this speed the users were very much annoyed because it took several minutes for a process to be complete and sometime even connection was broken in the middle in which receiver lost its data.

There is a good news for all the computer surfers and it is that there is a new cFosSpeed 4.07 Build 1370 which reduces the delays in the data transfer and makes it more easier for all internet surfers up to three times faster.

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