Wednesday, November 21, 2007

India And Internet

The revolution of Internet seems to be in swing for all countries, but India is really plugged into the global community it represents?

Internet rolls a web of connectivity all around the earth, as it grow literally by the hours, India is struggling, not to catch up, but from falling further and further behind the world.

India is favoring things to improve in each and every aspect. Before Five years there was limited use of Internet and that also to in a few major cities, all in the government hands. The agency responsible for Internet activities àVSNL, DOT (Department of Telecommunications) provided an unbearably connectivity, with miserly bandwidth and with too few phone lines. Connection rate ran as low as 5% and users were frequently cut off. This rate for pathetic level of services was among the highest in the world. Indian customers paid about $2 per hour, and lease lines, few companies that could afford them, ranged over $2000 per month. By the year 1998, three years of government monopoly, there were 150,000 Internet connections in India.

Now the government monopoly is largely over. Dozens of Internet Service Providers have set up and price war and an improvement of service are in effect. Now estimated users are at over 2 million, the estimated growth for the next five years (50 million). Internet place have now been set up in the government, both State and Central are pushing for growth in the Internet sector even in small towns. New buzzword is internet. Internet represents the new frontier for middle classes, a clean job with good salary and chance to go abroad.

With the growth of internet in India the Web development and Design Companies have taken advantage are on the driving seat. Today India is one of the leading outsourcing country for IT sector. Companies are offering best Content, Designs and Development with search engine optimization at best buy price and are dealing with clients based at different countries. Till date these companies have earned good reputation and goodwill which is long lasting.

Indian content on the Internet have increased rapidly. Net entrepreneurs have realized the potential of the global market.



Manoj Bhai said...

Very Good. Use Full Data.

Jude's BlogLoggin said...

My Company has several clients in India and having the Internet has opened wide doors for us and them. Our communication with our client is so much better now that we do not have the Time Zone issue we had before.

Diya said...

Hi Amit. Your blog is useful. I would appreciate some details on making the blogs look better. Thankyou for your link.