Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Instincts Of Baby

Instincts Of Baby
First Month:
Mummy, I am only 5 inches long, but I have only few organs in my body. I love the sound of your voice whenever I hear it. The sound of your heart beat is my favorite lullaby.
Second Month:
Mummy, I have all the organs and learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me, you could definitely tell that I am a baby. I’m not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here.
Third Month:
You know what Mummy, I’m a girl!! I hope that makes you happy. I always want you to be happy. I don’t like it when you cry. You sound so sad. It makes me sad too, and I cry with you even though you can’t hear me.
Forth Month:
Mummy, my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine, but I will have a lot of it. I spend a lot of my time exercising. I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes, and stretch my arms and legs. I am becoming quite good at it too.
Fifth Month:
You went to the doctor today. Mummy, he lied to you. He said that I’m not a baby. I am a baby Mummy, your little baby. I think and feel. Mummy, what’s abortion?
Sixth Month:
I can hear that doctor again. I don’t like him. He seems cold and heartless. Something is intruding my home. The doctor calls it a needle. Mummy what is it? It burns! Please make it stop! I can’t get away from it! Mummy!! HELP ME!! Mummy!!!! . .
Seventh Month:
Mummy, I am okay. I am in Jesus’ arms. He is holding me. He told me about abortion. Why didn’t you want me Mummy?
One more heart was stopped.
Two more eyes will never see.
Two more hands will never touch.
Two more legs will never run.
One more child of God destroyed.
One more mouth that will never speak.


Diya said...

This is an amazing blog. I love this article. Please keep it going. I will watchout for new articles from you.

Anonymous said...

The personification of a consciousness that isn't aware is cruel and unjust... it makes me wonder what you try to accomplish with such words, cause guilt in pro-choice people and women who have had abortions?

Chapin's Chatter said...

I am new to the blogging scene and I would like your permission to copy this and give it to my grandaughter to share in her high school lit class. Your words are so moving, they touched my heart more than words can say.

ps. anonymous was touched by you also

Anonymous said...

thought you were going somewhere with this, but instead its a pile of crap, i just had an abortion a few weeks ago and i'm so glad i didn't throw my life away.

just sharing, i'll never read your comments
bye bye

Chapin's Chatter said...

I will keep you posted, I really think it will be a special blessing to the class and the school. Thank you so much

SannoySpeaks said...

Good Article. However, the problem with most things which are good is that they all are morose. Good you opine against female foeticide; for the sake of the blog though, how about some humour next time around?

sheetal said...

i m happy for you...
very satiating to blog this way naa...

god bless you...
and thanks for visiting my blog god bless you....

akanksha said...

Hey thakns for dropping by my blog..i m glad u liked it and left ur words there:-)
I m out of the blogging scene these days, but keep coming back every now and then as i find time....but a permanent comeback is what even i am waiting for.

Anyways...that was a great post..just loved the forst few hopeful happy lines and never imagined it would turn out to be a sad end:-(

Abortion:-( Only coz she was a girl child.

CompuWorld said...

that was so touching mann...

good one. where did you get that?

by the way thnx for visiting my blog. I hope that ypu subscribed to my feeds. You surely will benefit from it. I have been working hard on it!

Manoj Bhai said...

Its nice from u Mr. Amit. i like your article. its mind blowing.

Seasons said...

:( I can't help but cry! Did you write that yourself? It's absolutely beautiful!!